Dinner in lunch box

Ms. Nolan (Post-Primary School)

We were delighted to book Nutritionist Laura O’Reilly as the finale to our yearly Wellbeing Week in school.

Laura presented a webinar to our whole school community which included Students, Teachers and Parents during our period of remote learning in 2021.

Laura was so accommodating in catering to our needs and requests and she adapted her presentation to be given live and remotely. She catered for the varying age dynamic of her audience, giving very helpful information and tips on nutrition for the lunch box, alternative snack options, and the correct way to help our bodies through nutrition after sports, games and work out sessions.

We were delighted with the overwhelming response in the question and answer session at the end of the presentation as it showed us that the students were really engaged throughout the presentation.

We are looking forward having Laura back and making this a yearly tradition in our school.

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