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Makin Bacon: Turkey v Pork

If you’re ‘Makin Bacon’ then read this:

Turkey Rashers V Pork Rashers… What’s healthier?

A lot of people will think that turkey is the healthier option when it comes to rashers, but just because something has less calories and fat doesn’t mean it’s all good!

See the difference – these pork rashers have LESS ingredients and are 98% PORK… verses the turkey option which have MORE processed ingredients and only 84% TURKEY!

My advice – always try and go for the option that has the highest % of meat and the least amount of total ingredients!

*N.B. Make sure to grill at a lower temp instead of frying or cooking at a high temp (will prevent producing carcinogens) and also cut off any visible fat or go for medallions and you’ll halve the calories straight away.

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